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Storytellers, yarnspinners, oral narrators, fablefolk – our next night of mindmovies is unfolding at Danu Social House on Tuesday, February 13, 8 pm.  

Danu is a wheelchair-accessible bar at 1237 Queen St. West, just west of Dufferin.  Every month we have an evening of old-time folktales, and usually some remixes thereof.  

On February 13, I’m pleased to welcome Tawny Lovecchio telling The Stolen Bairn; Lynn Torrie telling The Blue Rose; Eden Nameri telling a story about Rhiannon, from the Welsh epic the Mabinogion; Brandon Lista telling The Woman Who Took a Snake for a Husband; and Adham Husseini telling The Courage of the Tortoise.  The evening opens with dancer Annemarie Cabri.  I’ll tell a story, too, but I won’t tell you which one ahead of time.  

Our noble and honorable host Josh Zachariah will be mixing the drinks, doing his legendary ice-shaker rhumba, and welcoming you all to his beautiful and book-filled space.  He’ll also pass a hat for pay-what-you-most-desire.

At some point that night I will host a mini-Quotefest, and invite you to share some of your favorite and most useful quotes, sayings, proverbs, eavesdroppings, etc.

Please come early to be sure you get a seat.  

And here’s what Homer says about the whole storytelling thing …

Here’s a long night - an endless night - before us,

and no time yet for sleep, not in this hall.

Recall the past deeds and the strange adventures.

I could stay up until the sacred Dawn

as long as you might wish to tell your story.

                                               Homer, The Odyssey (transl. Robert Fitzgerald)

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