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Storytellers, yarnspinners, aspiring bards, and lovers of oral literature –

Please join me on Tuesday, August 13th, 8 pm, at Danu Social House for a night of folktales.  Danu is a wheelchair-accessible bar at 1237 Parkdale, hosted by the surprisingly cheerful Josh Zachariah, and Master of Spirits (and ice-shaker percussion) Scott.  The storytelling night happens on the second Tuesday of every month.  Storytellers on August 13th include Brandon Lista telling The Trader and the Jinn, from the Arabian Nights; Ness Spence telling Mandorlinfiore, from Italy; and Adham Husseini telling Palestinian stories of our favorite wise fool Hodja Nasrudin.  The evening also includes dancer/choreographer Annemarie Cabri and a folktale from Newfoundland told by your friendly host, me.  And lease bring your favorite family saying or proverb in case we do our customary proverb swap.  NB:  Josh will pass a jar for pay-what-you-can support for Danu.

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