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Please note: the following form is for potential event organizers who want to host a public-facing, promoted event at Danu. This is NOT for semi-private or private gatherings, like a birthday party or a bar buyout. For such events, please contact Josh directly at joshua@danu.house

Have an idea for an event you would like to host?

That's great! Part of what makes Danu special is the many community members who contribute, whether by hosting events, helping out or just hanging out and being social. 

That being said, here are a few things to consider in advance of reaching out:

Is Danu the Right Space? 

As you know, Danu Social House aims to be the village tavern: a space for learning, organizing, building community and enjoying a good drink with a neighbour. To that end the goal of events is to draw people to Danu and give them a fun way to engage with each other, while still providing a welcoming space to those not there for the event.

Unlike the vast majority of event spaces in the city, Danu does not charge a venue fee for hosting an event. In exchange, however, we ask that you construct your event thoughtfully as a gift to the community, and take responsibility for your event promotion -- with our guidance and the help of our platform, of course!

If You Are Still Interested…

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