Power Point Presentation Party Volume VIII

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"Minimum stand-up comedy, maximum office hijinks." You have just 30 minutes to create a Power Point on a topic you know nothing about ⁠— then present it live!

Join us Wednesday, June 7th, 2023 at 8:30 p.m. for the seventh Power Point Presentation Party, hosted by Power Point aficionado Haydn Watters.

All you'll need is a laptop

and a Power Point-like program you can create a slide show on (which you'll share with us all). Dressing up in your best business attire doesn't hurt either ... you want to impress the stakeholders, amirite?

You'll give us some wacky wonderful presentation topics in advance you would like to see others present on (and that you think other people probably don't know much about!). Then when you arrive to play, we'll give you a topic you know absolutely nothing about in return. Topics can range from educational to absurd (and most times a bit of both) ... like Why Toronto needs more gargoyles or Worst times to sneeze

You'll have a tiny window of time to come up with a 3-minute Power Point prezi on that very topic.

Then you'll present it in front of your new friends, perhaps over a delicious drink or two. It's fabulous, we'll get to make fun of Clippy together and there's only one rule: NO CREATING ANY PPs IN ADVANCE.

You are welcome to do it solo or in a pair ... and spectators are most welcome if you want to come cheer on or don't want to spend any more of your day staring at a screen.

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