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The Living Question Game: Discussing Power

Add to Calendar Sep 28, 2023 20:00 Toronto The Living Question Game: Discussing Power
8:00 pm

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Power dynamics and questions about its use permeate every aspect of our life. Where power comes from and how we best create structures around it are fundamental quesionts to living better together. But questions do not always need an answer. Sometimes, they just need to be lived.

Join “philosophical guide” Peter Limberg (The Stoa and Less Foolish) in a playful philosophical experiment where we embody questions around power while making new friends.

Participants will be invited to randomly pick out thought provoking questions and then “live” that question while they talk to others at the bar. Questions will fall into topics of political literacy, power dynamics in small communities and organizing communities, unhealthy power dynamics, arbitrary and non arbitrary power, power in personal relationships, what the different types of power are and more!

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