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Clothing Swap!

Add to Calendar Jul 11, 2024 18:00 Toronto Clothing Swap!
6:00 pm

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Clothing Swap and SaleTHURSDAY JULY 11th 6-10 PM

Closet needs a refresh? Bring your gently used clothes and accessories to swap or affordably sell!We know that clothing swaps are often focused on small, fem clothing. We aim to have more expansive options available at this event; people who have larger sizes and masc clothes to trade are encouraged to come out. We are also open to small local clothing brands - please DM us if you’re interested in participating.
We will have some limited clothing racks and hangers available, but please bring your own if you have some.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have clothing racks the event can use but would need transport.

Please fill out this google form if you’re bringing clothes to swap/sell to help us make sure we have enough space and clothing racks available for everyone.

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