Choose Your Own Adventure: Playdates for your Inner Child

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Let your inner child out to play! Do you find it difficult to connect with others, are you seeking a space where you can enjoy an activity, some company and good discussion?

JOIN US at Danu for oracle card reading and block print artmaking on Friday June 16th at 5pm. Come with your curiosity and creativity. It’s a low-pressure environment for you to come, explore and connect with others seeking the same. Gather with us in the spirit of togetherness as we face what it is to be human together. Open to all, no cost.

If you’ve been looking for your people but getting discouraged, have friends who are like a second family but at the same time, struggle to find people with common interests, this Playdate for your Inner Child at Danu might be a right fit for you. We hold the framework and work to maintain a safe space for your inner little you to come out and play. Within the space, you will see yourself better and gain from the experience something unique to you; we aren’t here to tell you how to live better, how you should act or feel, it's a space for you to be yourself. 

Remember being a kid and running around the neighbourhood until it got dark and biking home? Socializing was easier then.  School and sports offered a built-in social network.  We weren’t faced with the stress of being an adult, the weight of our existence lost on us, a lack of awareness offering us the kind of ignorance we will never get back.  

As we emerge from the pandemic, we recognize that people may need some help approaching others for connection, for what to do, where to go, how to act.  It’s time to take the red pill; to choose your own adventure.

This is a safe space; come as you are. We are committed to diversity and inclusion, operating from an existential-humanistic and anti-oppression framework.

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What: Activities and discussion in a chill environment: Socializing, Art-making and Oracle card readings. Co-facilitated by Daryl Fang and Sarah Malleau


About Wellness Collab Hub

We are friends and colleagues who’ve noticed a lack of community spaces and wanted to offer a safe, fun place to let yourself create, connect and play.  Working in healthcare our interest in wellness is a big part of who we are.  We, each in our own way, went out to look for connection and found that there were very few people and places dedicated to fostering a sense of community.  We want to create a space for people to be seen, to feel less alone in what they’re dealing with, to learn more about themselves, to relate to others and get comfortable in our humanness together.  It can be hard when we don’t know what to say or feel so we have created this event series to invite others to join us in creating together the community we’ve been searching for.  


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