Battle of the Booze: Rum Edition

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8:00 pm

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Our first Battle of the Booze was so much fun!!! Thank you so much to all who participated and we hope you had as wonderful of a time as we did!

Participants tried 12 different rums in a personal, bracketed, blind taste test. A rum got one point if it won its first competition, a second if it won another and 2 if it was someone’s top rum. 

We tallied up everyone's competitions and these were the results!

1st place with 27 points: Diplomatico Reserva

2nd place with 26 points: El Dorado 8 Year

3rd place with 24 points: Flor de Caña Centenario 12 Year

4th place with 20 points: Goslings Bermuda Black Seal Rum

5th place with 17 points: Rum Rats Arco Seco

We tried the following rums! For those of you who participated, the numbers listed are the ones we used in the blind tasting.

  1. Flor de Caña Centenario 12 Year
  2. Diplomatico Reserva
  3. Angostura 1919
  4. El Dorado 8 Year
  5. Saint James Royal Ambré
  6. Havana Club 7 Year
  7. Plantation 3 Star
  8. Goslings Bermuda Black Seal Rum
  9. Mount Gay Black Barrel Double Cask Blend
  10. Appleton Signature
  11. Rum rats Arco Seco
  12. Smith and Cross

If you participated and want to see your sheet please DM us or email us at

We are so excited to do this again but this time with Bourbon on October 19th! Stay tuned for details!!

Also! All of these rums are at Danu now! Come try them for yourself!!

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