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Battle of the Beer

Add to Calendar Jul 18, 2024 20:00 Jul 18, 2024 22:30 Toronto Battle of the Beer
8:00 pm
10:30 pm

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At long last Battle of the Booze is back!!!! But now, Battle of the Beer!!!

Thursday July 18th 8pm!!

12 lagers, some from around Toronto as well as some affordable and familiar staples! Come see if you can get the intended tasting notes and to find out what you like without the bottle design and price getting in the way!

We will enjoy our lagers in a blind, tournament style taste test. Each participant will run their own bracketed tournament between the 12 beers, we’ll tally up everyone's results and see which beer people like the most without knowing what it was!

$35 to participate with discounted half pints of each product if you find some you just want to keep drinking!

DM us to let you know you're coming or email us at joshua@danu.house! You can pay us by e transfer or by paying at the bar.

(You also don't have to dm us, but it's nice to get a sense, Eventbrite now charges way more, so we're not doing that no more)

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