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Art Opening: Shannon Taylor-Jones

Add to Calendar Jul 12, 2024 19:00 Toronto Art Opening: Shannon Taylor-Jones
7:00 pm

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Compost heap is a selection of work that spans across ideas, years, and approaches to painting; connecting these pieces is a continual exploration of growth and decay as multifaceted, coexistent processes of life and death. Submerged into the underworld of plant and fungal embodiment, this work reflects on our entanglement with the contaminated landscapes in which we live, creating space for understandings of human and more-than-human collaborations.

Shannon Taylor-Jones is a Toronto based interdisciplinary artist who works with painting, textile, and organic matter to explore the interdependencies of life, death, and grief as biological and creative processes. She has a BFA from OCAD University.

Instagram: @staylorjonesart

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